How Nigerians Are Rapidly Losing Weight During The Lockdown

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For a lot of people, it might seem impossible to lose all that belly fat attain fitness in just 5 days. After all the internet gave you 3 months and your gym instructor said 6.

Well think again because this is unlike nothig you’ve every come across. So if this is so effective why haven’t you heard of it? Allow me to break it down

At first glance yoga might look like a very boring thing to do. For that reason it is very underrated here in Nigeria.

Truth is that there is more to yoga than you see on Tv or hear about and when you are done with this article you’ll discover it all Though the 5-day workout kit.

What exactly is the 5 day kit?

The 5 day kit is a full set of yoga equiped tutorials and equipements required for your transformation. These equipemnnt include…

Simply Cardio Ball DVD:  This high energy 70 minutes cardio ball workout includes two presenters so you can follow along with the standard or more challenging program. You don’t have to be flexible to begin training because this will put you in the perfect shape for the next exercise.

Simply Pilates DVD: You will develop a stronger, leaner  and more flexible body with this 42 minute DVD. It is made up of  27 beginner level exercises that will leave you refreshed and invigorated. 

The Gift of Yoga DVD: You will discover the physical emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga in this gentle yet challenging 60 minute yoga workout. Evey pose and strech are well detailed and explained so that the benefits are clear to you.

The Yoga DVD is an mp4 relaxation program for personal listening devices to help you relax anywhere anytime. Yoga isn’t just about physical fittness but also psycological. It helps you focus, stay relaxed, improves self esteem and so much more!

The Body Coach DVD: This 59 minute workout helps firm the thighs and trim the waistline by targeting muscles to maximize results and increase energy levels.

Simply Tai Chi DVD: This 40 minute DVD guides you through the movements step by step clearly demonstrating the correct postures. Master the form and enjoy the rewards of this ancient art.

Like that wasn’t enough, the pack comes with a yoga ball and pump, mat alongside every equipment used in the lessons which you could make use of time again. All at an amazing price.

So you can either choose to sit home getting out of shape or take this amazing leap and transform yourself in just 5 days.

To get the 5 day workout kit simply hit the link below. You’ll be glad you did.

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